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Client Testimonials

"Over the years we have had several "time critical" situations where one of our Partners or staff members was experiencing problems with either his equipment or his software.  In each one of these occasions, Essential IT Services, Inc has responded promptly and their skilled and knowledgeable technicians have gotten us back up and operating very quickly.  Many of these problems have been eliminated by the purchase of better/newer hardware and software that were recommended by Essential IT Services, Inc."


- Paul McCausland, Partner, Young, Bogle, McCausland, Wells and Blanchard, P.A, Wichita, KS (Law Firm)

What are Data Protection Services?

Data Protection Services are Essential IT ServicesSM required by all business entities.

Data Protection Services are designed to safeguard your organization's valuable data and information.


Why are Data Protection Services Important?

This is an important question that every business entity should ask. However, before it can be answered, each business entity must first answer two other questions:


12 Little Known Data Protection Facts and Insider Secrets

There is a simple fact that is true for nearly every small and medium sized business (SMB) owner and manager in the world: If you were to lose all of your data at one time, for whatever reason, the consequences would be devastating. In fact, most experts agree that it would likely force your company out of business.

This means that choosing the right Data Protection Plan and the right Data Protection Services Company is one of the most critical business decisions that you will make!

We can help! Because we would never want to see a fellow SMB suffer bankruptcy or closing its doors due to not having adequate Data Protection Services, we have prepared The 12 Little Known Data Protection and Insider Secrets Every Small and Medium Sized (SMB) Owner/Manager Should Know About Protecting Their Data and Choosing a Data Protection Services Provider.


Why Choose Essential IT Services, Inc.?

Essential IT Services, Inc specializes in protecting our clients' data. In fact, the preservation of our clients' data is one of our most important precepts. We have been in business in Wichita, Kansas for more than 10 years and we are recognized as being a premier data protection services company.

We offer a complete and robust set of data protection services that include Backup and Recovery Services, Disaster Recovery Services and Information Security Services. These services include the following highlights:

  • National Security Agency (NSA) approved "Top Secret-Level" data encryption at your site, during transfer, and in storage at the remote facility
  • Entire backups of all critical PCs and all servers, including their operating systems, as well as your critical data
  • We maintain an inventory of "Emergency Standby" servers and PCs that can be loaned to our clients while we repair or replace their failed equipment
  • We provide all necessary hardware and software for data backup, recovery, and replication as a part of our Backup and Recovery Services and our Disaster Recovery Services
  • We provide anti-malware software as a part of our Information Security Services
  • We routinely run test restores to ensure that our backup systems are functioning correctly