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Client Testimonials

"For many years I handled all of the IT needs of our company.  We finally reached a point where I simply no longer had time to handle all of these issues.  Partnering with Essential IT Services, Inc has given us many benefits.  First and foremost, just knowing that our data is protected by multiple systems (firewall, antivirus, backups, etc.) and could be restored in the event of any loss or disaster is significant benefit.  I am often on the road and that is one less thing that I have to worry about when I am gone.  Another major benefit is the peace of mind knowing that if we have any IT needs or problems, we can just 'pick up the phone' and everything will be taken care of in a prompt and efficient manner."


- Larry Madson, President, Advance Electric, Inc., Wichita, KS

Integrated Services List

Cabling Services

Essential IT Services, Inc can provide the labor and materials to run, terminate and test most modern telecommunications cabling including Cat5/5e and Cat6 network cables, Cat3 telephone cables, coaxial and fiber optic cables.

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Document Destruction Management Services

Through a partnership with ShredKS, a local SMB Document Destruction Services Company, Essential IT Services, Inc can assist you in managing the onsite storage and routine destruction of your sensitive media including paper, ledgers, three ring binders, and even microfiche and x-rays.

There is no need to prepare the materials: no sorting, no removing paperclips or staples. Just deposit your media into the locked container, and we take of the rest! As an extra bonus we provide the locking collection container at no additional cost!

Secure, cost-effective, convenient. All shredding is done in the parking lot next to your building, significantly increasing security, and saving you valuable time because you won't need to travel to a shredding facility to witness the destruction of the media.

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Emergency Standby Services

Anyone who has ever had a server fail for mechanical reasons knows that this is already a cause of significant stress for you the SMB owner/manager, and your entire company. When this situation occurs you often find yourself stuck between two very bad choices: do we overnight in a repair part that might not fix the problem, or do we simply purchase another server and either overnight it in at significant cost or just suffer the down time and wait a few days for ground shipping?

When your server is down, this is not the time that you want to be put into a no-win situation. The last thing that you really want to do is make a bad decision fast because you are under the pressure of not having enough time to make an informed decision.

We can help! Essential IT Services, Inc maintains an inventory of "spare" PCs and servers for just these occasions. We can get your system back up and running and your employees back to work on our "loaner equipment." Once everyone is back to work and the pressure is off, we can perform diagnostics on the old equipment and provide you with the best possible information to make an informed business decision. No stress, no snap decisions, and NO overnight shipping fees!

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Hosted Exchange E-Mail Services

If you need all of the features and collaboration capabilities built into Microsoft Exchange Server and the Microsoft Outlook E-Mail Client, but cannot justify the expense and resources necessary to purchase and maintain your own Microsoft Exchange E-Mail Server, we have the perfect solution!

Hosted Exchange E-Mail Services provide you with as many e-mail accounts as you require without any of the expense or resources of owning your own e-mail server. And the best part is, you will not be able to tell the difference between using our server or your own server!

We will setup the e-mail accounts on our server and setup the Microsoft Outlook client on your work PC. You can even setup an Outlook Client on your laptop or home PC if you need to check your e-mail while you are out of your office!

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Internet Service and Dedicated Circuit Management

If you need Internet Access, Point-to-Point T-1 lines, or other dedicated circuits, Essential IT Services, Inc can help you locate an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or telephone company to provide the service. Once the circuits are installed and working, we can help you manage the circuits and work as your intermediary with the ISP or telephone company whenever there are outages or other problems on the circuits.

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Managed Web Services

Essential IT Services, Inc can assist you in all aspects of web design and management, including website/e-commerce site design, website hosting, domain registration, domain name services, merchant services and security certificates.

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Spam Filtering Service

Essential IT Services, Inc can provide you with a state-of-the-art e-mail spam filtering service. Our service utilizes MX record redirection to our filtering service, which forwards the "clean" emails to your server.

Our spam filtering service requires no contracts and you can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied with the service.

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Training Services

Essential IT Services, Inc offers both on-the-job "informal" training services, group training and "formal" classroom training options. Training topics can be "standard" IT topics such as computer familiarization, basic applications (word processors, spreadsheet) familiarization, or can be customized to your company's specific needs.

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