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Client Testimonials

"Flat rate billing and not having to worry about unexpected and expensive service charges is one of the biggest advantages that we receive from "managed services" and Essential IT Services, Inc.  Flat rate billing also ensures that all of our IT concerns are handled because we never feel the need to forego service due to worrying about what it might cost and whether or not we can fit it into the budget for this month.  If we have a problem, we simply open a support request and Essential IT Services, Inc quickly responds and solves the issue."


- Chris Dennis, CFO, Occidental Management, Inc., Wichita, KS (Commercial Real Estate Development and Management)

What are Virtual CIO/CTO Services?

Virtual CIO/CTO Services are Essential IT ServicesSM required by all business entities.

Virtual CIO/CTO Services are a collection of services based upon the duties of key IT personnel in a large organization including


Why are Virtual CIO/CTO Services Important?

Virtual CIO/CTO Services are valuable to small and medium sized business (SMB) owners and managers for the following reasons:


What to Do When IT Promises Never Come True

At Essential IT Services, Inc we believe that the greatest tragedy of Information Technology has been the never ending string of failed IT promises. Many of our existing customers came to us because they were frustrated by marketing campaigns that promised increased efficiency and productivity but soon found that after they paid the bill they were plagued by errors, incompatibilities, inefficiencies, and lost productivity.

If you feel similar frustration, don't despair: we can help! Because we know that promises of Information Technology are true, we have prepared a free SMB owner and manager's guide entitled What To Do When You've Spent Thousands of Dollars on Information Technology and You are Still Plagued with Problems and Feel Like the Victim of a String of Broken IT Promises.


Why Choose Essential IT Services, Inc?

Essential IT Services, Inc is a world class provider of Virtual CIO/CTO Services to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). We have been in business in Wichita, Kansas for over 10 years, and we are recognized as being a premier virtual CIO/CTO services company.

We are a skilled and experienced SMB vendor, specializing in assisting other small and medium sized businesses achieve the maximum possible return on investment in their IT infrastructure. Here are just a few of the significant benefits that our clients enjoy:

  • Proven experience and success in delivering Virtual CIO/CTO benefits to our clients
  • Proven ability to fully comprehend our clients' Business Strategies and assist them in the creation, implementation, and management of their Strategic IT Plans
  • Proven ability to assist our clients in improving their business processes through the integration of their IT infrastructures with their business operations resulting in increased efficiency and productivity
  • Proven ability to assist our clients in making purchasing decisions that result in the lowest total cost of ownership of their IT infrastructures
  • We have earned the title Trusted Advisor from each and every client