From Consumer to Expert, Essential IT Services Knows What You’re Dealing With

Essential IT Services, Inc. founder JD Zluticky has been an IT services consumer, and like many of you, found it a frustrating experience. After hitting brick walls with his internal IT department, he learned to take care of things himself to prove he could do it without them.

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Creating an IT Company Focused on Customer Service

When JD founded The PC Doctor in 1994, he carried that experience with him to create a company that put its focus on providing great customer service.

The PC Doctor was a residential computer help desk service that JD operated for 3 years on a part-time basis in Sasebo, Japan while he was on Active Duty in the US Navy. During that time, he worked on a project for a Japanese company that had a contract to provide transportation services for the Navy base, helping them use a computer program to create reports to gain better insight into their revenues and expenses prior to contract renegotiations. It was this project that provided JD with the inspiration to change focus to providing business support services. After completing his service JD returned to Wichita and started a new company branded as Premier Computer and Communications, and continued to provide honest, friendly computer support services to our customers. One of the many reasons clients have been with us for decades!

On January 1, 2010 we re-branded as Essential IT Services to better reflect our operating philosophy of providing great, in-person customer service and focusing on the underlying problem instead of the simple fix.

Why Essential IT Services

When we changed our name to Essential IT Services, we wanted to describe exactly what we provided – those technology services that are essential to help your company succeed. Your goal is maximizing shareholders’ wealth; our goal is to help you leverage the right technology to get there.

Instead of focusing our efforts on solving what’s broken, we want to solve the underlying issues. Working with you and your company, we define what needs done, for your specific needs. For us, we’re not providing you technology support – we’re providing you commitment that your technology will keep working for you. We promise we’ve got your back.

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