Easily Take Control of Who Comes and Goes

The only security system older than a physical key is burying treasure in the sand. While physical keys are still effective, they are bulky, easy to lose, and require specialized equipment and training to change. Today’s keyless entry systems make life simpler. Locks now can be controlled with automatic timers, utilize key cards, keypads, biometrics, or even apps on our phones, making it easier for you to manage who comes and goes from your office. You can even control levels of access throughout your property so you never have to worry if Susan has the right set of keys. For the do-it-yourselfer, a keyless entry system requires minimal training and can be managed internally. However, most of our clients like that we’re here to help them manage it, too, so it’s one less worry on their minds.

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Get Useful Data, Too

Our keyless entry system options further improve security by giving you the ability to view which door was unlocked, at what time, and by whom. We can set up your system to send an alert if a door was forced open or if someone left one propped that shouldn’t be, so you know right away if you have an issue. You can even use your system to help track supplies in a storage area, seeing when the area was accessed and by which staff members. The data in your keyless entry system allows you to track where individual employees are going throughout your facility while they’re at work, helping to keep everyone safe and secure.

Everything Talks to Each Other

The best part is our keyless entry systems are smart and can be connected to your company’s overall network and the internet as a whole. Our installers can help you integrate your system with other smart components throughout your business, helping you to gain better efficiency and improved security.

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Let us help keep your building secure but easy to access by the right people. Contact us today to set up your consultation.