Get Innovative Solutions for Your Home

Voice assistant devices, smart thermostats, and even Wifi connected outlets are moving us quickly into the technology-assisted future that we love to show off to our family and friends. But while telling a box in your kitchen to adjust the temperature a few degrees is fun, technology can do so much more than being a gimmick.

home automation installation

Why Use a Professional Installer?

If you want to run to the store, do all the research of how Alexa, Google Home, Ring, Sonos, Nest, and more work together, and figure out the best way to install it yourself, this isn’t the service for you. But if you’re looking for easy-to-use home automation that is secure, turn-key, and tailor-made for you and your home, our certified technicians can craft just the right solution for you.

We can usually integrate the devices you love already, but provide the right supplementary equipment so your system is secure and reliable. Our custom design can help you save time, improve security, and provide you more than what you can get off-the-shelf.

Our installers can give you the normal “fun” automation systems, but also set you up with solutions that help protect you and your home. We can set up water sensors that notify you of a leak and your neighbor can use your keyless entry system to enter your home and check for you. We can even help you monitor your HVAC systems remotely, alert you if you forgot to close your garage door (and allow you to close it with your phone), or keep you from ever walking into a dark home again. Plus, we do all the work for you so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

checking home systems while away
home automation solutions

Our Residential Innovative Solutions Can Include:

  • Remote-access Camera Systems with Motion Sensors and Live Data
  • Customized Text Alerts 
  • Garage Door monitoring
  • Plumbing system monitoring
  • Remote HVAC monitoring
  • Whole-home Surround Sound
  • Smart Keyless Entry Systems 
  • Remote-Access Lighting
  • Structured Cabling Installation so everything works together

Ready for an innovative system that’s secure and just what you need for your home? Contact us today to set up your consultation!