It’s Time to Change Your Password

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Picture this, you’re logging into your email and suddenly they demand a password reset. Do you remember your old password? How are you going to make a new one? Passwords were easy once upon a time. Now, hackers have become more sophisticated, knowledgeable, and down right creative. We have to give it to them, they work hard. Your password must work harder.

Thinking of changing all your passwords from the one you use for everything can seem daunting. Below are some easy ways to up your password game and decrease your chances of being hacked.

Make your password easy to remember…for you. Think of common english pronouns and put several together, with a number included of course. Then, separate your words with a symbol or two. You’re almost there! Now, drop a couple of vowels in one or two of the words. Hackers use multiple tools to run a “dictionary attack,” finding words used in the common dictionary. By dropping a vowel, that word becomes undetectable by the programs used. Once you’ve done this, imagine your word combination as a picture or illustration. This will help you remember it easily!

Put all the tips together and you get something like this:


My mental image? A garage door at my University, half open, with 13 of my friends inside wearing monkey costumes. 

The mental image may seem silly, but definitely memorable! Practical passwords can be memorable and secure at the same time. 

Lastly, it’s a good idea to check your password strength before use. Utilize websites like LastPass to do so ( Websites like LastPass will either give you the green light or warn you of a weak password. 

Now that you have all the tools necessary to create a strong password, it’s time to set your brainstorming into motion! Creating new passwords is a daunting task but worth it in the end. Goodluck and happy paswording!

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