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EITS understands our business and what we need. They know that we can’t be down during tax season and work with us to make sure things are in place well in advance of tax season every year.”

Kindra D Culp, Fox & Associates Inc.

“We rent laptops from EITS and have been doing so for years. They keep spare laptops on site and ready to go so that we can swap one out fast. EITS is forward thinking and always looking for creative solutions to our problems. They know we have a large workforce in the field that use their laptops and if they drop or break them, we have half as much downtime because we don’t have to wait for them to fix one while we get another set up. Instead, we swap them out quickly and keep our technicians moving.”

Cooper Hartert, Eaton Roofing & Exteriors

EITS responds to my early morning calls and can get someone onsite to take care of the problem, no matter the hour. My crew goes in earlier than most, so it’s great that we can call at 6:30am and get things, like emails, back up and running quickly. We even had an issue on the weekend with our server going offline. EITS got an alert on their system, notified us that there was an issue, and went to our office and replaced the battery backup and had us ready to go by Monday. I didn’t even know it was down.”

Larry Madson, Advance Electric, Inc.

“With a large number of PCs and servers, we couldn’t imagine not having a relationship with EITS because of the knowledge, insight, and value that they bring. Over the years, EITS has become more than just our IT company. They have become a trusted adviser that we rely on.”

Terry Moore, WSM Industries

“We had a server that shorted out and was just dead; it wouldn’t even turn on. EITS was able to remove the hard drives and grab the data from those and build us a new server, getting us back up and running all within one weekend without losing any of our important information.”

Kari Schmidt, Conlee, Schmidt, & Emerson

“EITS helped me select a billing software that was compatible with our EMR software and even installed, implemented and trained our people how to use it. I initially thought that I could not afford their ‘top of the line’ services, but since I have contracted them to provide our office management and oversight I cannot afford to not have them.  I know EITS has other customers to attend to, but they do such great work for me it seems like we are their our only customer.”

Peter Ninemire, Caring Center of Wichita

“Things had gone down at the end of the work day, but EITS came out right away and promised it would be ready by the next morning. They worked through the night to make sure we had an answer and we were up and running by the start of business the next day.”

Jamie Woodson, Accurus Aerospace

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