Essential IT Services Provides High Quality, Customized Technology Services

When your smartphone has more power than the NASA computers that sent man to the moon, it’s time to make sure your office technology is taken care of by the best.

We know that a truly amazing IT company goes beyond the norm, providing quick support when something is broken but also helping you turn all that expensive equipment into something that can drive return on investment, efficiency and profit.

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Is Worrying About Your Technology Keeping You Up at Night?

If your business is in that place where you’re mostly concerned about keeping the equipment you have working, we’re here for that. We can be the back-up for when your own employee is out of town or be your one-stop shop. Plus, our 10+ techs are cross-trained across multiple accounts so you’re never left high and dry. We ensure that you always have help available, whether that’s during normal business hours or at 5:30AM on Sunday mornings. We know that technology disasters are a true drain on your business, so help is always just a phone call away.

Peak Performance Doesn’t Happen by Accident

You need all those computers and servers to work, but are you ready to really have them propel your company forward? Think of it this way: NASA didn’t just land on the moon one day; they had a strategic plan to get them there. Your business might not be building rockets, but you do need a goal and strategy to get you past your hurdles and on to where you need to be – maximizing shareholders’ wealth.

We can help you not only keep your technology running well, but work with you to provide training, consulting, and resources to begin to maximize your productivity and efficiency. Because we know that downtime isn’t an option, we can also keep spare servers and systems on hand for your company if anything fails and take triple back-ups to make sure all your data is secure. Just think – you can stop worrying about your IT all together.

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Customized IT Solutions For Your Unique Needs

Not sure where you fit in? Your company is not like anyone else’s, so why should you be made to fit into a one-size-fits-all IT package? You have amazing goals for your business but may not be ready to shoot for the moon quite yet. We have that out-of-the-box package that will fit your needs without over-selling you on services you aren’t ready for.

Let’s Get Technical

Because your business doesn’t fit into a box, we offer a variety of the standard services, but more importantly, those that aren’t. With the availability to get help with everything from tech support to IT consulting, we customize our packages to fit what your business actually needs, not just what you think you want. Our services range from:

  • fix equipment Fixing equipment when it’s broken
  • managing software licenses Managing your software licenses
  • protecting data Protecting and restoring your data
  • saving IT disaster Saving you from an IT disaster
  • spare equipment Keeping spare equipment at the ready for you
  • training it practices Training you on IT best practices
  • ROI on IT Helping you make an ROI on your IT
Want the Nitty Gritty?

Reaching your goals, strategizing for the future and all the support you could ask for…contact us today to set up your consultation!