Build the Right Foundation for your Innovative Solutions

Like cities are connected together with highways so you can move people, goods and services quickly, network cabling is the highway your data travels down. You can’t drive 75 mph down a highway full of potholes just like your company’s data can’t travel as fast as you need it to if it’s built on damaged cables and connectors. Similarly, you can’t move 8-lane traffic down a 3-lane highway, just like the wrong type of network cable can’t handle the data traffic your company uses. Proper structured network cabling ties all your necessary components together, supporting multiple technologies to keep your data flowing quickly and reliably.

structured network cabling

Correct Structured Network Cabling Ensures Data Speed

Even with the advent of wireless technology, we’re all still tied to the cable that powers our systems. So we know that your different needs dictate what kind of structured network cabling you should have, and our certified installers work with you to plan and provide the right cable for your business’s goals. And we don’t just test our network cabling – proving that it’s simply connected and working. We certify it to ensure that it has enough capacity to send the amount of data you want to send. We can even come out and certify your current cabling, helping you plan your Innovative Solutions more effectively.

Future-Proof Your Innovative Solutions

The best part? Our structured network cable installers are certified to provide a 25 year warranty on all of our installations, meaning your company is future-protected. The right cabling helps all of your automated systems continue to work together and you’ll have the right foundation in place for the long-haul. Keep your business ahead of the trends and continue to maximize your productivity and efficiency

We can handle the boring details of your cabling so all the fun stuff works right. Contact us today for your customized solution.