Cameras Can Do More than Just Record Video

Paying a security guard to watch live video or someone to watch hours of recorded video is just doubling down on a bad expense. Even with camera quality improving and camera prices dropping, merely recording video produces little or no return on investment. Using artificial intelligence, video data can be processed faster and more accurately than a human. This creates limitless opportunities to save time and resources, to integrate with other components to create more effective deterrence systems, and/or to generate business insight for increased return on investment.

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Transform Video Data into Valuable Business Information

With our Innovative Solutions you can now utilize heat maps and traffic counts within your camera system’s analytics to track customer flow or check how long someone stops at a display. Camera artificial intelligence is smart enough to know when someone is lost, loitering, or even when they leave something behind or remove an object from a scene. All of this information can assist you with making better, more profitable decisions for your business.

Integrate with Other Automated Solutions

Your cameras can work with our other Innovative Solutions in your business, too. Integrate with overhead surround sound, for instance, and blast out an alert to those in your property (and maybe even scare off an intruder), or catch an un-authorized person as soon as they enter your business with facial recognition. Help turn your surveillance solution into an investment that pays back.

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