Gain Efficiency, Productivity and Return on Investment with Your Technology

We provide tech solutions, and we do that well, but we’re so much more than that. Our customers stick with us because we consistently exceed their expectations and we’re not just focused on maintaining the status quo. We’re always pushing and thinking ahead to the future so that your technology isn’t a concern anymore. Whether that means we’re protecting your data with back-ups in various locations to protect from tornado season or preparing your technology for that never-wanted disaster, we take all the worry off your shoulders.

multiple IT technicians

Access to Multiple IT Technicians

A lot of businesses try to rely on one employee for their technology needs, but with Essential IT Services you get better than your best employee – you’ll have 10+ IT staff with various experience levels. Plus, our staff are cross-trained on accounts, so you never have to worry when your main technician goes on vacation or is out sick. We have the corporate knowledge any full-time employee would have, but for multiple clients. You’ll gain efficiency, flexibility, and the capacity to become more strategic to grow your business. No panicking when summer vacation rolls around anymore.

This all sounds great but is that what really matters? What does Essential IT Services offer that makes us stand out above the rest?

Strategic Planning

We pride ourselves on building a strategic foundation through consulting services and technology education with the intention of finding ways to grow and transform your business.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

We bring our experience through technical knowledge and thought leadership, staying ahead of technological advances to lead you through your technological growth.

One Stop for All Technology Needs

We have functional experience across many industry leading business applications. This provides us with the tools and skills to help your company move quickly down the learning curve.

So whether you already have a “Computer Guy” or you don’t have anyone at all, let’s talk about how we at Essential IT can take care of your technology needs.